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Cast Jig

Cast Jig

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It faithfully responds to rod action and produces sharp dirt action. Excellent track record for bonito and meji.


Cast Jig has an amazingly flat, fluttering fall that appears very much like dead bait. However, with just one pull, the jig has an S-shaped action to simulate swimming bait. Cast Jig can be skipped across the surface for a topwater action, though it can be fished sub-surface with a fast retrieve which creates a wide darting action. Due to the resin coating, the lure is not easily damaged when tuna or other large fish attack the lure. A slim profile lead jig perfect for casting to any predator with keen eyesight.


  • – Casting or Micro Jigging
  • – Center Balance
  • – Falls Horizontally
  • – Swims with tight action at steady retrieve
  • – Multi-species jig
  • – Imitates small baitfish
  • – Fast Falling
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