About Us

Mud & Waves company was established in 2012 with a main headquarters located in Hawally, Kuwait. Its speciality was the maintenance of marine engines but in 2018 it expanded its work to include marine equipment and outdoor gear. It also opened two additional branches, therefore now it has 3 branches in Hawally, in the heart of the state of Kuwait in order to be close to its customers and offer them a unique and comfortable shopping experience.

Currently Mud & Waves has become one of the biggest companies in its area which has various retail outlets in addition to a huge e-commerce website. The website includes more than 5000 products with various categories including Fishing equipment, Water sports goods, Outdoor gears, Electronics and Apparel,.. etc.

Nowadays, the company attracts more than 500 customers monthly and expands very quickly due the increasing number of social media and internet users in the Arab world.

Smart technology has made everything easier so Mud & Waves offers a modern shopping experience through its website to make its products closer to you.

Thousands of customers trust our company because not only we sell you amazing products but also we provide you with the information and advice on how to use the products. With us you will always great deals and extraordinary service that make your shopping experience as easy and convenient as possible.

This is Mud & Waves, trust in your hands.